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We have an amazing team of instructors here to help you with your training. 

Mike Coffin - Owner Crucible Krav Maga

Mike Coffin - Owner Crucible Krav Maga

Mike Coffin 

Mike Coffin was born in Eugene Oregon on October 30th, 1976. 

His martial arts training started at age 16, when he began attending Tae Kwon Do classes in Plano, Texas.

After training in TKD for some time, Mike encountered a professional boxer at his TKD dojo, who introduced him to boxing and kick boxing. This encounter completely changed how he viewed fighting, and skewed him towards reality based fighting, rather than sport fighting. He was quickly enamored with boxing, and began training extensively, eventually competing in local boxing and kick boxing tournaments.

At the age of 18 he was first introduced to ground fighting. The combination of boxing, kick boxing, and ground fighting seemed to be a natural combination proved to be extremely effective. Mike continued to train in all three, until he began training with Allen Mohler. There he began to train with a number of skilled fighters and trainers, and to this day credits Allen with providing him with some of the best ground instruction he has encountered.

In 2006, Mike was looking to continue his training, but was ready to look for a new outlet. After watching some videos on Krav Maga, Mike began training at Krav Maga DFW. He was soon teaching ground classes at KMDFW, and began learning to teach Krav Maga.

In 2009 Mike was certified as a Krav Maga Alliance instructor by John Whitman, and in 2010 he opened the first Crucible Krav Maga location in Garland, Texas at a Life Time Fitness gym. That spring he opened his second location with Life Time Fitness in Plano, and a third location that summer in Allen, Texas.

In the summer of 2010, Mike partnered with Jack Bolowskie, owner of Krav Maga DFW, to expand the Krav Maga DFW business. They opened Krav Maga DFW East jointly in Dallas, Texas.

July 2010, Mike attended his first course with Eyal Yanilov, which substantially changed how he viewed Krav Maga. Eyanl Yanilov, Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Global and successor to Imi, founder of Krav Maga, certified Mike as a Graduate 2 in early 2011.

Since encountering Krav Maga, Mike has made it is priority to seek out the best possible training the world has to provide. It is his philosophy that by pushing ourselves as instructors we are best able to train our students. In the end, it is really about giving our students the best instruction that we are capable of providing so they can save themselves, or protect those in need.

Mike was co-owner of Krav Maga DFW East, and owns Crucible Krav Maga, and is on Board of Directors for non-profit P.A.V.E ( Mike is currently an Expert 1 ranked instructor, StrongFirst SFG Level 2 Instructor, and has trained and tested in Israel. His credentials include:

KMG Krav Instructor Expert 1

StrongFirst SFG Level 2 Instructor

Primal Move Instructor

Functional Movement Systems FMS 1 & 2 certified

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) certified

ASP Handcuffing certified

TRX Instructor

NRA Pistol Instructor certified


Mike Kawa

Mike served nine years as an infantry officer in the US Army. Commissioned at age 19, he was one of the youngest officers in the military serving as a reconnaissance and infantry platoon leader, and company commander.

He leverages his military experience and "Don't Quit" attitude into lively and realistic scenario Krav Maga Training for his students. Mike is also a Krav Maga Alliance Brown Belt.

Mike has completed parts 1, 2 and 3 of the KMG instructor courses with Eyal and is ranked a Graduate 5.

KMG Graduate 5 Ranked Krav Instructor


Mehronissa Modgil

Mehronnissa has been with Crucible since the very beginning. She trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing and other martial arts before starting Krav Maga. During the day she is a practicing attorney.

Krav Maga Graduate 4 ranked


Andrew boyd

Andrew joined Crucible in the summer of 2014. He is now one of our best instructors, becoming fully RKC certified to teach our Hardstyle Kettlebell classes in 2016. In his off time Andrew is an automotive technician. 

Krav Maga Graduate 4 ranked

RKC I ranked Kettlebell Instructor


Craig Rutherford

Craig teaches Krav Maga not only because he enjoys teaching self-defense, but knows first-hand the importance of self-defense training. He is a security liaison for high-profile clients ranging from law enforcement agencies to executive. He’s been with Crucible since 2015 with 6 years of former training in tae kwon do.

Craig began training at Crucible seeking the highest quality instruction and continues to not only train, but passes that knowledge down to students.

HKC Certified Instructor

Krav Maga Graduate 3 ranked


Oliver Nojoumian

Oliver has a deep understanding and passion for the need for self-defense in our modern-day world. Before his 3+ years at Crucible, Oliver, the striking specialist, has a combined 6 years of mixed background with various styles of kung fu and muay thai.

His primary focus is to leverage the natural, reflexive responses of attacks to guide students to redirect those movements to launch an effective self-defense technique. Oliver has a Graduate 2 ranking in Krav Maga.

Krav Maga Graduate 3 ranked