Striking, Boxing and Kickboxing


technical striking classes

Our striking program runs much like a boxing or kickboxing program, but we focus on teaching fundamentals and proper striking technique. 

you will learn how to hit hard and well

When I was coming up through boxing and kickboxing, believe it or not how to properly strike was not taught. It wasn't until I started learning Krav Maga that someone showed me how to punch correctly. 

We focus on teaching good footwork, mechanics and striking delivery. Our strikes are not intended to score a "point"...they are intended to get the job done when you need them to.

Our classes will combine footwork, hand striking and foot striking so you learn how all three components need to be integrated to get the most effect from your strikes. We will also do a lot of traditional boxing and kickboxing style training to get lots of reps and practice versus opponents.


Whether you can punch or not will not matter if you don't understand when to strike and how to setup an opponent to deliver the strike. You will also learn how to integrate those strikes into self-defense situations.

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Monday - Thursday

6pm - Kettlebell

7pm Crucible HIIT Fit

7:30pm Striking / Grappling / BJJ

8:15pm - Krav Maga


10:30am - Adult Krav


West Allen Texas, Target Center

Crucible Krav Maga

210 Central Expressway South #70

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