Crucible HIIT Fit


A workout like no other! Get fit by burning 500 - 1000 calories an hour!

These are intense, calorie burning training sessions where we combine:

  • Striking

  • Kicking

  • Kettlebell

  • Slam ball

  • Battle ropes

  • Pushups

  • Planks

  • And many more!

What is a class like?

We have organized the class into approximately 12 - 15 rounds of work. You work with a partner the entire time. Rounds are 45 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest.

partner based FITNESS training

You will work with a partner (though much of it can be done solo if needed) as you progress through the stations. If you don't have a training partner we will find one for you. 

What is crucible HIIT Fit?

Crucible HIIT Fit is the perfect combination of Krav Maga striking, Muscular Cardio and Bodyweight training. This is an intense HIIT (high intensity interval training) class. The goal is simple: to make you fit, strong, and capable.

The first 5 - 10 minutes

In the first 5 - 10 minutes we explain how to do each station. If someone is unfamiliar with one of the movements, we will teach it to you




West Allen Texas, Target Center

Crucible Krav Maga

210 Central Expressway South #70

Allen, Texas 75013

(469) 777-8288


Monday - Thursday

6pm - Kettlebell

7pm Crucible HIIT Fit

7:30pm Striking / Grappling / BJJ

8:15pm - Krav Maga


10:30am - Adult Krav

Other Crucible Classes