Women's Self-Defense


The simple fact is that women (in general) face different types of attacks than men, and the attackers are motivated differently. Women tend to face attacks that are perpetrated by intimate partners, are sexual or controlling in nature, and most often occur in their homes. 

These are not just learning how to punch and kick stuff. Behind our courses are volumes of data about:

  • Most common attacks women face

  • Where, when and how they occur

  • Stalking and intimate partner issues

  • Safe communication methods

  • Safe bystander intervention approaches

We keep our courses fun, interactive and on message. “Situational awareness” is a topic you hear about a lot, but we show you military proven methods of learning it. “De-escalate” isn’t just a talking point - we drill the exact ways to do this.

And we can do all of this while having fun and being extremely safe.

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The Importance of Women's Self Defense 

Women face unique issues when it comes to self defense. They face the same challenges that men face, but with many other problems that also must be dealt with.

Unfortunately, 1 in 5 women will be raped during their lifetime and 91% of the victims of rape and sexual assault are women. In addition to rape, women also face higher rates of being stalked and followed. A majority of victims are women, yet few know self defense. Furthermore, women usually have to deal with attackers larger, stronger, and more aggressive than them.

Training in Krav Maga and learning proper techniques teaches women situational awareness, and how to defend themselves against a variety of attacks and larger opponents.

Issues that affect women

Issues that affect women


  • The crime-statistics show that of female murder victims in 2005, 33.4% were killed by their husbands or boyfriends. In contrast, 2.4% of the male victims were murdered by their wives or girlfriends.

  • 92% of rape or sexual assault victims in 2005 were female

  • Crime-statistics indicate that of female rape or sexual assault victims, 73% were assaulted by someone they knew and 26% were assaulted by a stranger. 38% of women assaulted by a known offender were friends or acquaintances of the rapist, and 28% were intimate partners.

  • Females 16-19 are 4 times more likely to be the victims of rape or sexual assault.

  • Women aged 18-24 who are in college are 3 times more likely than the general population of women to be the victims of sexual violence.

  • 1 in 4 women report being the victims of stalking

  • Self-Defense reduces rate of rape by 50% according to major study


Why Choose Crucible Krav Maga 

40%-50% of our students are women!

Women's self defense is an important part of Crucible Krav Maga. Women make up a large portion of those victimized, yet few know self defense. We provide a welcoming environment and encourage any and all women to come train and learn self defense.

A large portion of our students are women and classes can sometimes have more women than men. The other women that train here are just like you - they wanted to learn a realistic and practical style of self defense.

We also offer specialized Women's Self Defense classes that focus on the types of attacks that tend to occur most often against women.