The most comprehensive and efficient ONE DAY training course in the business. Learn what you need to protect yourself and others.



The foundation of DEEP Training Course is learning the principals of self-defense. Until we can defend ourselves it is difficult to render aid to others effectively. We will cover the essential components of self-defense needed for the vast majority of conflicts.

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If you fail to defend yourself, you may instead find yourself needing to escape from capture. This could as simple as escaping from a wrist grab, or as difficult as removing handcuffs or zip ties. We focus on the most common types of bindings and grabs/holds.



Have you ever been followed, stalked or felt uneasy around someone? What if you got a call that said you couldn't go home...ever. Sometimes we need to make ourselves sparse for a few hours. Sometimes for a few days. Learn the techniques to stay unseen and under the radar.



Protecting others is sometimes what really matters to us. Protecting our friends, family and other loved ones is of primary concern to most of us. Once we know the fundamentals of self-defense, we are able to apply it to third party and bystander situations.

About the course

The D.E.E.P. Training Course is a comprehensive self-defense and third party protection course taught in 1 day or over 2 days. It was designed to provide the maximum amount of practical knowledge we could integrated and students retain, in the shortest amount of time possible. 

DEEP stands for Defend, Escape, Evade and Protect (others)

We have taken the most effective content from various systems and courses, and combined them to create this one course experience. I say it is an experience because throughout the course you will be learning and DOING life saving and injury prevention techniques. 


If you are an individual, a parent, a teacher, in law enforcement, an executive who travels, a hospital worker, a first responder or just someone who wants to learn how to be a safer and more useful person - this course is for YOU!

How was the DEEP Training Course Developed?

The DEEP Training Course contains content from the following systems:

  • Israeli Krav Maga self-defense
  • Escape & Evasion
  • TCCC (Tactical Casualty Care Course - safety)
  • VIP Protection
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Active Shooter
  • and others...

Key aspects of each system have been integrated to provide only the most practical and necessary for 80% of all situations.

What will I learn in the course?

  • Understanding the timeline of different types of threats and how to avoid them from even happening
  • Defenses to common attacks such as grabs, chokes, stabbing and robberies
  • *For Women Only Courses - defending the 5 most common attacks against women*
  • Escaping bindings such as handcuffs, zip ties, duct tape, and ropes
  • Evading stalkers and detecting surveillance 
  • Counter surveillance strategies
  • Hostage and execution scenarios
  • **Active shooter engagement**
  • Protecting others - third party protection and bystander intervention. When, where and how to perform.
  • Safety - several basic life saving techniques and massive trauma care
  • ***Weapon usage  and License To Carry (LTC)***
  • (Sections with *'s should be discussed prior to course reservation)

Who is this course for?

This course can be modified in a number of ways to meet the needs of your team or group. We have done this course for:

  • Executives who travel
  • Wealthy families
  • People under threat of abduction or taken for ransom
  • Doctors / nurses
  • Realtors
  • First responders, fire fighters and law enforcement 
  • General civilians
  • Church and charity groups

Many parts of this course can be modified or sections added as needed. For example, in courses for healthcare employees our self-defense section can be modified to reduce the use of force. Likewise, for those in security jobs the use of force can be increased.


Upcoming Events


Sunday July 29, 2018

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  • Q: When are DEEP Training Courses offered?
  • A: This course is usually offered to private groups. If you would like to inquire about having DEEP offered at your business, please send us a request below.
  • Q: If I need to add or subtract modules to DEEP, can the course be customized?
  • A: Yes! We frequently modify the course for various groups, especially women's groups, businesses, and hospitals.
  • Q: How much does the DEEP course cost?
  • A: The answer is it varies. Sometimes this course is only a few hours long, sometimes it can be spread across days. Travel costs must also be accounted for. Just send us an email about your needs and we can work out the pricing very quickly.