Krav Maga

We have daily mixed level Krav Maga based self-defense classes. Our Krav Maga classes run from 7:30pm - 9:00pm Monday - Thursday and 10:30am - 12:00pm on Saturday. All of our memberships include attending unlimited numbers of classes per month, there are no enrollment fees and all of our memberships are month-to-month. Trial classes are free.


Hardstyle Kettlebell

We offer daily kettlebell classes at Crucible. These classes will mix kettlebell lifting, bodyweight exercises, and movement routines. The combination of these key strength components is that you will get stronger, use your body better and become mobile. Every student who comes in gets a free trial and learns the basics of the hairstyle kettlebell swing.


seminars & Weekend workshops

In the worlds of self-defense and fitness there is a lot of material beyond what is contained in our daily classes. To properly address these we have developed several seminars and weekend workshops that allow us to deep-dive into areas that are important such as: Escape & Evasion, Advanced Weapons Disarming, Strong Striking, Third Party Protection, Active Shooter, and more.